Saturday, May 14, 2016

Occupational (aka parenting) hazards

 R and I try to speak to Pickles in a couple of languages, mainly English and Konkani. But along the way we also use other languages like Kannada and Tamil (we are a multilingual family) in which Pickles picks up words every now and then. That being the case, we have trouble talking about things that we don't want Pickles to hear about or understand just as yet. So, like most parents we have resolved to spelling things that we can't say out loud.

For eg. R will ask me, can Pickles have some J-U-I-C-E before dinner? and then we come to a consensus before we announce it for Pickles, after which the little one will insist to have it immediately. The same is true for things like S-A-N-D-P-I-T today? or P-A-R-K now? We have to decide first before we even let him know. Otherwise, Pickles gets all excited and will insist on going there right the moment he hears the word.

So, imagine my complete surprise, when R spells something out for me in front of X (and Pickles is not even around!) and assumes he's speaking 'code' to me! Of course it was something trivial. I gasped and stared at him in horror and then burst out laughing. And I think X just thought R was being funny and let it slide. Only after X left did R realise what he had just done.

"What did you expect?, X can't spell?"

And of course R, being R refuses to acknowledge this and just says,

"Oh Come on, I think X didn't even hear me and even if she did, I'm sure she didn't realize that I actually spelled something out."


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